@ Activa_silver

Available City : Coimbatore
Number of Gears : No gear
Helmet Provide Company : Yes
Fuel : Yourself
Insurance Policy : Yes
Original Needed Proof : Yes
Xerox Needed Proof : No
Rented Bikes Delivery at your Place : Around 4 km in railway station
Rs 1000/- for Security deposit Pay at time of pickup the bike : Yes
Customer is liable to pay In case of damage to the vehicle : Yes
KM Per day Limit : 200 km
Extra helmet Provide Company : Yes
Extra km charges : Rs 4 /- per km
Model : 2019
Extra hourly charges : Rs80/- per hour
Deliver at your place : Not available

Displacement Honda Activa
Power 8bhp
Torque 9Nm
Ignition Self Start
Break Type Drum
Gear Count Nil
Fuel Capacity 5.3
Fuel Type Petrol